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Hire me for a personalized and dedicated search for your perfect long-term nanny. 

My goal with Tower Agency is simple: provide a personal, thorough childcare search to find your family's ideal nanny. I am working really hard to build my company in the right way, with integrity and passion. I work hard for my clients and put all my focus and energy into supporting their needs. I do not have a pool of nannies waiting to be placed. I start a fresh search for each family to find a nanny that specfically meets their needs. It means a lot to me that my business is growing through word-of-mouth and my reputation as a nanny in Boulder.

I have the knowledge and experience to provide new families with a stress-free search while emphasizing the importance of finding the right person for their home. As a retired nanny, I also provide parents with advice on what nannies expect from their employers, such as: appropriate pay, household responsibilities, schedule, vacation time, holidays, taxes, and more. These vital components can make or break a job offer for any nanny. I will negotiate a unique contract for each client that will keep everyone happy.




I used nanny agencies in the past; but each time, I felt that I was quickly turned over to a family that looked good on paper, but did not fit well in person. I see myself as a matchmaker and I take the time to find a nanny with the right chemistry and credentials to fit flawlessly into each home. I work personally to get to know each family's lifestyle, personality, household, and parenting style in order to find the right nanny. There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into a search. The initial time looking for available nannies followed by emails, phone calls, interviews, and reference checks can add up to hours and hours of work. My service takes away the stressful effort while providing each family with a wonderful new addition. I fully vet every potential nanny before presenting them to the family so there is never any time wasted. I will keep each client updated throughout the entire process of finding the perfect nanny. Call today to find a full-time, part-time, or summer nanny!

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